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Who We Are


This site is the result of our visits to East Africa where we saw firsthand how explosive population growth and deforestation are imminently threatening the future of chimps. Those experiences have led to this website and to a book due for release in June 2014 entitled Among Chimpanzees: Field Notes from the Race to  Save Our Endangered Relatives by one of our team, Nancy Merrick.  Dr. Merrick is a former student of Jane Goodall at Gombe Stream Research Center and Stanford Outdoor Primate Facility, and a lifelong activist for chimps.  Her husband, Gary, and daughter, Kate, have played major roles in creating the website, and have been part of these various trips to Africa.  Gary also serves as webmaster.

Beth Merrick has contributed the illustrations and artwork for the site. She is an illustrator of the well-known Growing California Native Species guide and has spent 30 years designing museum exhibits and working in educational interpretation. She is currently at Beth Merrick Exhibition Design & Consultation.

All of us here at ChimpSaver are advocates who care about chimpanzees. We are not a charity or business. We are not seeking donations – but we do hope you’ll support any of a host of non-profit groups that we feel are making a difference and that we have featured on this site.