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Trees and Tuitions Save Chimps! Help Us Launch This Campaign




Our target to expand this successful project is $15,000 and the great news is we’ve already raised the first $5,000!

Will you help us with the remaining $10,000?





This fundraiser is to support and expand a highly successful pilot program in Uganda implemented by the Bulindi Chimpanzee & Community Project (BCCP). Sponsored by the US-based nonprofit, Friends of Chimps,this fundraiser will allow us to expand a community-based project working with farmers to reduce deforestation, plant trees, send children to school and ultimately, save small populations of wild chimpanzees struggling to survive mounting human population pressure.

In the first year pilot at Bulindi, 33 children were sent to school, over 200,000 tree seedlings were planted, not one mature tree was cut down and 4 new chimps were born!

Now we can more than double our impact by adding a second site at nearby Wagaisa where 35 additional chimps need your help.

The Bulindi chimps survive in privately-owned forest fragments where there is concern of further forest cutting by local subsistence farmers. The total number of chimps in this area is 260 but Bulindi is especially vulnerable with 22 chimps remaining. The good news is baby chimps are still being born. The bad news is they are all at risk from human activity. In one sad example, a female and her infant were killed last year, hit by a car when trying to cross the road.

This project is helping ensure their future, and because of its success, it is time to add a 2nd site at Wagaisa. We’ll more than double the benefits to local families and their forests – and to chimps.

This project works!

What Friends of Chimps loves about this project is its on-the-ground efforts to work directly with and empower the people in the communities surrounding the forest. Here are some examples of how your donations will be put to use:
$10 – buys a school uniform for a secondary school student
$25 – provides 5 energy-saving stoves for local households
$50 – results in hundreds of tree seedlings
$75 – covers a one month salary for a tree nursery attendant
$100 – pays one full year of elementary school fees for two children
$150 – results in 10kg of coffee seedlings
$200 – covers a one month salary for a local forest & chimp monitor
$250 – pays for a full year of tuition, uniform & supplies for one high school student
In Uganda, the visionary behind this project is British scholar, Dr. Matt McLennan (seen in one of the photos). Dr. Nancy Merrick, author of Among Chimpanzees, and Friends of Chimps Board member is Dr. McLennan’s colleague in the U.S. (also seen in one of the photos). Other scientists and conservationists closely involved in the project are Dr. Maureen McCarthy, Jack Lester, Dr. Marie Cibot, Jacqueline Rohen, and Ugandan environmentalist Moses Ssemahunge. All share a lifelong passion for and committment to preserving chimpanzees and their natural habitat.

Thank you so much for your consideration and support. If you have any questions about the project, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the Friends of Chimps website.

Final note, Friends of Chimps’ legal name is ‘Friends of CSWCT’ so that’s what you’re seeing as the name of the organization on Crowdrise. Two thumbs up for this awesome fundraiser!