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Chimps Are Not Monkeys. Can you Identify The Great Apes?

Chimpanzees are not monkeys – they’re part of a family called the Great Apes:  


Can you identify all six great apes? Link each of the six great ape species to their drawing above. Chimpanzee Borneo Orangutan Bonobo Sumatran Orangutan Eastern Gorilla Western Gorilla (Click here for the correct answers)


What makes Great Apes different?  Great apes are smarter and bigger than monkeys, do not have tails, and walk on all fours with their body weight on their knuckles instead of their whole hands.  They are more related to human beings than monkeys.

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Social Structure:

Chimpanzees form strong family ties. An infant will stay with its mother until it is six to eight years old, longer than almost any other animal. The juvenile chimps spend these years learning survival and social skills. Chimps live in loose-knit communities of 40to 100. They often form small subgroups for foraging but from time to time also join together in larger groups.

Every chimpanzee community has social hierarchies, which are often quite complex. The highest-ranking male is called the “alpha.” Alpha-males often have a strategy for making it to the top. Watch males as they perform dominance displays.

Chimpanzee Research:

Wild chimpanzees are different than those you hear about in captivity. Researchers are able to be close to wild chimpanzees without fear of being injured. Only when chimps are kept in captivity do they become unpredictable and dangerous.